Boating can be a social affair. There are dozens of ways to enjoy party time on your boat, but one of the best is undoubtedly rafting up with other boats and celebrating the boating lifestyle together. Whether you’re hanging out after an afternoon of watersports or relaxing at Farallon Island, when you do raft up, make sure you go about it the safe way.

7 Quick Tips for Rafting Up with Another Boat

  1. The largest, heaviest boat should drop its anchor first, and serve as the building block for other boats to tie up along either side.
  2. Slow down when approaching or joining a raft up, as to avoid any potentially damaging collisions.
  3. Make sure all passengers keep their hands and feet in the boat while rafting up, so they don’t get pinched.
  4. Always secure boats to one another using the cleats—not rail stations, handrails, or other accessories.
  5. Remember to deploy your fenders before approaching another boat to raft up.
  6. Keep the lines tied between boats as tight as possible to minimize motion between the boats.
  7. Try your best to raft together with boats that are a similar size, and position your vessels so your swim platforms are aligned.

Info. and photo courtesy of Discover Boating